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Frequently Asked Questions

My phone is broken. What can I do?

Products needing repair can be returned to the following address:

Cortelco Repair Dept.
1703 Sawyer Rd
Corinth, MS 38834

Inside the box please include a note including:
-Your Name
-Your complete street address (no PO boxes)
-Short description of the issue you are experiencing

*If the product is still under warranty and the issue is determined to be a defect, then your product will be repaired or replaced with no additional cost to you.
*If your product is no longer under warranty, you may have to pay for any repairs made to your product. Our team will contact you, before any action is taken, with an estimated cost before repairs are made.
*Return shipping is free for all warranty repairs!

My phone isn’t operating properly. Is there any assistance available?

Yes! Monday through Friday 7:15 till 4:15 Central Time please call (662)-287-5281

How should I position my speakerphone for it to work best?

For optimal performance follow these guidelines:
-Speakerphone should be 6 to 8 inches from the edge of your desk
-While speaking, face the phone and stay within an arm’s length of the phone
-Avoid using the speakerphone in a noisy environment
-Find the best volume by slowly adjusting the volume while talking; note this setting may need to vary by conversation

Can I clean my phone?

Yes! We recommend using only gentle cleansers; avoid bleach. Lightly spray a cotton cloth with a gentle cleanser and wipe the surface of your phone.

Will all Cortelco phones work with our switch?

While we cannot guarantee that a Cortelco phone will be compatible with any system, Cortelco phones should work with any standard analog telephone interface. Contact technical support with specific questions you may have, including questions about message waiting.

I’m a distributor. How can I request a return for credit?

You will need to send in a Return Material Authorization to Cortelco via email or fax. Note that RMA requests may only be submitted by distributors.

To Complete Your RMA Request Be Sure to Include the Following:
-Distributor Name
-Mailing Address
-Name of Requesting Party
-Complete Part Number
-Complete Purchase Order Number

Technical Support

Our Technical Service Department is staffed with knowledgeable and dedicated employees who have been with Cortelco for many years.

Telephone:+1 800 288 3132